Technical data

The basic shaft and integrated telescope are made of steel, zinc-coated, and coloured. The ribs are made of corrosion resistant aluminium and they are powder coated.

Technical data

At a wind speed of 60 km/h, the umbrella is automatically closed (this applies for electric models). In case of interrupted electric power supply, all electric models can also be operated manually.


You can choose the colour of metal elements, on the basis of the RAL colour chart.The installation for loudspeakers, heating elements and lights is in the hollow part of every second rib. When starting to close the umbrella, the lights are automatically turned out, whereas the loudspeakers are on also when the umbrella is closed. The covering cloth and polyplan manufactured by Sattler from Austria are waterproof and colourfast.Our customers can select the colour or a combination of colours from the manufacturer’s catalogue. A ventilation opening with a cover is placed at the top of each umbrella.
Our customer’s or a sponsor’s logotype can be printed on the umbrellas. The sun umbrella can bear 15 cm of new snow.

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